1. Residents First.

Council's first responsibility is to residents. To manage the shire in their interests.

Businesses, visitors, and investors are all important parts of the fabric of the Shire but decision making should always consider what is best for those who live here.

•As a councillor I will advocate for a council that is responsive. A council that listens to the community, answers enquiries in a timely manner, and includes community feedback in its decision making.

• Establish and attend regular meetings with residents both in Noosa and the Hinterland, so I can actively seek input on key issues.

• Utilise online platforms and surveys to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all residents.

• Commit to transparency by providing clear and accessible information about council decisions and projects.

By adhering to the Residents First Policy, I am committed to ensuring that the voices, concerns, and aspirations of our residents guide the decisions made within the council. Together, we will build a stronger, more vibrant community that prioritises the well-being of each and every resident.

2. Environment and River.

I would like to recognise the debt owed to our environmental pioneers. Noosa stands as the remarkable place it is today, a testament to the immense dedication and efforts of our pioneering visionaries and volunteers.

We must understand our role as current custodians, this policy aims to emphasise my commitment to environmental stewardship.

• I commit to consulting transparently with all river users, valuing their concerns and ensuring their input to the River Plan is respected, to ensure recreational use of the river, prioritises both user safety and environmental well-being and actively work with State to address issues like stormwater runoff, illegal waste dumping from moored vessels through effective and appropriate measures.

• I Promise to collaborate with hinterland communities to develop tailored strategies that balance conservation efforts with local needs.

• I pledge to protect our National Parks from commercial development and leases, in particular Cooloola Great Sandy National Park, for the benefit of our community and the safety and enjoyment of future generations.

By adhering to the Environmental Stewardship Policy, I aim to not only to recognise the environmental legacy we inherit but also actively engage and support our community in preserving and enhancing our natural surroundings, with a special emphasis on the River, our unique hinterland ecosystem and Cooloola Great Sandy National Park.

3.Short Term Accommodation.

Planning for a future where visitor accommodation is not primarily located in residential areas is essential to residents amenity.

We need to consider how visitors can be accommodated in other ways and begin a slow transition process. In the meantime focus must be on regulation and enforcement of STA Local Law.

My mission is to:

• Ensure visitors, STA owners and Council staff, are aware of Council’s commitment to implementing the provisions of the Local Law.

• Enforce existing Local Laws in a timely and efficient manner and issue fines for non compliance.

• Ensure council seek and consider submissions from neighbours when approvals for STA are considered.

• Undertake a comprehensive review, which includes community input, of operation and effectiveness of the Local Law by August 2024.

Short-term accommodation in Noosa has strained community resources, disrupted community amenity and cohesion and raised property prices. It has affected local job stability and ultimately compromises the area's unique character and affordability for long-term residents.

4.Hinterland Empowerment and Environmental Resilience Policy

This policy aims to recognise the needs and concerns of Noosa hinterland residents, who have often been overlooked in Shire politics.

• Establish and attend regular meetings specifically designed for hinterland residents, ensuring their voices are heard in Shire decision-making processes.

• Advocate to ensure equitable resources to improve essential services in the hinterland, such as council roads, school bus shelters, and public transport accessibility.

• Support sustainable land management practices that balance conservation with the needs of the local population.

• Advocate for and support affordable housing options.

• Advocate for solutions which will alleviate Cooroy's traffic congestion issues.


Tourism is an important part of Noosa’s history and its economy, but it is only a part, not the whole story.

We love visitors, but tourism should be working for the local community, not for just its own ends. Tourism in Noosa needs to be regenerative, sustainable, and a positive for both visitors and residents.

• As a councillor, one of my priorities will be finalising the Destination Management Plan that will guide how we start to maximise tourism potential and minimise the negative impacts identified in the community consultation.

•I’ll be advocating for a review of the funding of Tourism Noosa. Tourism

Noosa is a valuable part of the local tourism industry, but in line with the DMP we need to consider how best to manage tourism going forward.

In recognising tourism's importance in Noosa's history and economy it is also important to acknowledge the need for a regenerative, sustainable approach benefiting both residents and visitors.